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VHB - Vasil Hadžimanov Band The Program

13 August
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VHB - Vasil Hadžimanov Band (Serbia)

Vasil Hadžimanov - keyboards, piano

Branko Trijić- guitar

Miroslav Tovirac – bass guitar

Bojan Ivković –  percussion, voice, scat vocal

Viktor Filipovski – drums

Vasil Hadžimanov Band embodyies  its creatorч  idea to combine Balkan traditional folk rhythms and Western modern musical styles (jazz, funk, rock, progressive). The musicians in the band have a completely authentic musical sounding and a unique approach to jazz music: Vasil Hadžimanov - keyboards, piano, Branko Trijić - guitar, Miroslav Tovirats - bass, Bojan Ivković - percussion, skate vocals, Viktor Filipovski - drums. For the past 20 years, Vasil and his band have performed their music at concerts and music festivals around the world. VHBand’ music and all recordings have been announced as an work of art of national importance to Serbia.

In 2001, Vasil Hadžimanov Band released their first album "11 reasons for ..." under the Serbian label PGP-RTS, and in 2016 took a big step forward, releasing their sixth album "Alive" for the prestigious American record label "MoonJune Records ” in New York. The album was recorded live in five different cities, in five concert halls. The album "Alive" received a lot of positive reviews around the world and was awarded as one of the best releases for 2016.

In early 2019, Vasil Hadžimanov Band released their seventh album "Lines in Sand", again in collaboration with the American music label "MoonJune Records". Thе album once again pushed away the boundaries of progressive music. The album was appreciated by fans and music critics around the world, received the highest rating and great reviews.

Vasil Hadžimanov is a Serbian pianist and composer, the son of famous Serbian performers Zafir Hadžimanov and Senka Valetanic. He graduated from the University of Berkeley in the United States and today is one of the most famous jazz pianists in Europe. He has played together with many jazz grandeurs , including Nigel Kennedy at his concert in Belgrade. "We play mainly modern jazz, mixed with Balkan music and other styles. We have no rules, everything is allowed, as long as there is the characteristic sound of the band. We are experimenting a lot,"said Hadžimanov.


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