Meet the Grandpa, Villi Stoyanov band with a special guest Stefka Onikyan

Meet the Grandpa, Villi Stoyanov band with a special guest Stefka Onikyan The Program

10 August
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Villi Stoyanov band (Bulgaria)

Meet the Grandpa

Vili Stoyanov - trombone

Mikhail Yosifov - trumpet

Milen Kukusharov - piano

Dimitar Lyolev - saxophone

Alexander Logozarov - guitar

Borislav Petrov - drums

Atanas Popov - drums

with a special guest Stefka Onikyan on the occasion of her 70th anniversary

This is a special initiative of the brass association on behalf of Vili Stoyanov and Misho Yosifov, which activities are  dedicated  to innovative transformation of a part of  Yosif Tsankov’  musical heritage. 2021 passed under musical emblem of 110th anniversary from the birth of the great composer, under the motto „Meet the Grandpa“.

In Bansko will will meet with  the music from album "That wind from the first meeting". There, Vili Stoyanov,  the grandson of Yosif Tsankov units some of the most beautiful melodies from past days, created by Grandpa Yozhi. In the new arrangements created for big band by Misho Yosifov,  trumpet player and Vili's supporter are hidden  creative impulses and style preferences of a whole galaxy of talented musicians. You will hear familiar pieces transformed in a new way - tango will flow into Latin rhythms, foxtrot will swing and music will wake up to a new life.

Vili Stoyanov says that he has already realized that it is his duty to acquaint his contemporaries, especially the younger ones, with the work and the personality of Yosif Tsankov. "I don't know if I'll be able to show you everything because my grandfather left me an ocean of music, but I know I'm ready to start. I haven’ t the happiness  to know my grandfather, he left us before I was born. But life has met me with Misho Yosifov, Mitko Lyolev and Milen Kukusharov, some of the most talented and spiritually  rich people and I am happy that they will be by my side while I am geting to know my grandfather, in the only possible way - through music, which he left for us. ” So, the music of Grandpa Yoji starts  a new life by the performance of the best instrumentalists in Bulgaria.

On the stage in Bansko Grandpa Yoji’music will be represented by Vili Stoyanov (trombone), Mihail Yosifov (trumpet), Milen Kukusharov (piano), Dimitar Lelev (saxophone), Alexander Logozarov (guitar), Borislav Petrov and Atanas Popov (drums).

A special guest will be one of La Grande Dame of Bulgarian jazz - Stefka Onikyan, who (by chance or not), exactly on the day of the concert in Bansko on August 10, turns her 70 years.

Velislav Stoyanov is one of the most actively playing and recording musicians on the domestic stage. Lecturer in zugtrombon at National Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov", brass band conductor  and leader of the jazz band at National Music Academy "Lyubomir Pipkov".

Mikhail Yosifov is a trumpet player and composer. Teacher of trumpet and big band conductor at National Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov".

The two are the founders of the Bulgarian Brass Association, which backed many projects such as Brass Association Combo, Mihail Yosifov Sextet, BrazzViliDJ, RomaNENO Project, Old School Trombone and others.

For their contribution to the Bulgarian culture both are holders of Golden Pen prize.

Yosif Tsankov creates first Bulgarian operettas, waltzes, foxtrots and rumba for what  deservedly get the title "Patriarch of Bulgarian music". Some of the first musical radio shows for  children in Bulgaria were realized under his ideas. Chief composer of the Odeon Theater and editor-in-chief of Blackanton for many years, Yosif Tsankov gifts us such songs as "Fairy Tale", "Moonbeams", "My Song, My Love", "Saturday Night", "My Spring", " "Blow the wind", "The caravan", "I love women passionately". Some of them have been performed and included in albums by famous foreign artists such as Josephine Baker, Claudio Villa, Arturo Testa, Gilbert Beco. During World War II, American and British soldiers fighting Rommel's troops in Sahara were greeted each morning with Joseph Tsankou's Caravan, broadcast broadcasted  on Radio London, BBC now.

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