Funkallero & Elena Sirakova

Funkallero & Elena Sirakova The Program

08 August
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Funkallero & Elena Sirakova (Bulgaria)

and Vassil Spassov project

Vassil Spasov - band leader, piano

Dimitar Lyolev - alto saxophone

Georgi Stoykov - trumpet

Vladislav Michev - trombone

Miroslav Ivanov - guitar

Radoslav Slavchev - bass

Georgi Markov - drums

Funkallero band is a project of pianist and composer Vassil Spasov. Established  in 2011, it brings together musicians  from  different  orbits but with one the same same palate   for music. Elena Sirakova - vocals, Dimitar Lolev - alto saxophone, Georgi Stoykov - trumpet, Vladislav Michev - trombone, Miroslav Ivanov - guitar, Vassil Spasov - piano / leader, Radoslav Slavchev - bass, Georgi Markov - drums. The band performs pieces written by its creator’. After returning from the United States, where he studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music the pianist and composer Vassil Spasov became engine and follower of a row of successful projects. The band has history of two albums and one pending DVD pre miere. Funkallero have presented their program at all major festivals in the country, such as Spyrit of Burgas, A to Jazz, Jazz Fest Ruse, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas and others.

In Bansko Funkallero will explode with a brand new program. Thanks to extremely talented Elena Sirakova, the group presents different, funk-like reading of the hits from national and world charts. A significant change in the sound is reached by unique Georgi Stoykov,  trumpet and Vladislav Minchev, trombone, who with titulary Dimitar Lelev form together an iron brass section of the future. In the ensemble we will hear again the legend Miroslav Ivanov on guitar, the total Radoslav Slavchev on bass and the tornado Georgi Markov on drums. All this splendor will be provided by completely new arrangements of the band's creator, composer and pianist Vassil Spasov. The program guarantees unprecedented coverage of a wide range of musical tastes and interests, with a guaranteed dose of dopamine for everyone.

Vassil Spasov is one of those names that are an emblem of the good Bulgarian music. The pianist and composer is one of the most interesting contemporary jazz artists. His name is known not only in Bulgaria. He has performed concerts in clubs and on festival stages in the USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Greece, Serbia, China and others. He appreciates the time of being alone with himself and his creative individuality that the distance from the stage and audience can provide with. As band leader, he shares  understanding  that the world is bright because of bright individuals. "When I write music, I envisage specifically those people who will perform it. The musicians in Funkallero are friends. I write specifically for them because I know what I can get out of them and what they can contribute with. " Says Vassil Spasov. "When I put myself in a piece, I want to feel happy. That’s why all the colors of the album and of the previous one are variegated. At this point I want to add dopamine to people's feelings. “

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