Dessy Tenekedjieva is among the best known Bulgarian actresses and singers. She made her debut in the cinema already at age 14, and has appeared in over 30 films. Some of them are international co-productions, representing Bulgaria at renowned world film forums.

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Dixie Band Teteven was created in 1985, initiated by Dimcho Dimitrov – trombone player and leader of the formation. He is also organiser of the annual Dixieland Festival in Teteven.

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"Djabe" means freedom in one of the African languages. "Djabe" is the best jazz, world and fusion band in Hungary.

Established 15 years ago, "Djabe" has won numerous domestic and international awards.

Since 2002 the band has given concerts in 38 countries - throughout Europe, Asia and North America. They have played a number of international festivals.

"Djabe" plays unique music in which the elements of jazz are mixed with Hungarian folk and world music. This unusual combination appeals to a wide circle of audiences across the world. Since 2007 "Djabe" regularly has common concerts with the former guitarist of Genesis, Steve Hackett. Steve’s participation as a special guest contributes to the band’s extremely successful performances not only in Hungary, but also in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania. Steve Hackett adds his brilliant solo performances to "Djabe’s" own compositions. Together with his Hungarian colleagues he plays both Genesis and Hackett classics.

All of "Djabe’s" members are remarkable musicians.

The band’s main composer, Tamas Barabas, is a virtuoso bass guitarist.
Attila Egerhazi, bandleader and guitarist, also writes music.
Péter Kaszás
Áron Koós-Hutás
János Nagy

The Trakia Ensemble includes former and present students of the Academy for Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv – dancers, singers and instrumentalists. Formed in 1974 by the great Bulgarian choreographer Prof. Kiril Djenev,

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Igor Butman is one of the greatest contemporary jazz musicians. Born in St. Petersburg in 1961, he appeared on stage already as a student and made recordings with different formations.

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Native Chicagoan Irving Louis Lattin has been living in New York since 1982. He began playing at the age of 13. He grew up with the Blues & Gospel music of Mahalia Jackson, the Staple Singers, Muddy Waters, BB King

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Jackie Ryan is an American jazz singer with an amazing range and a magnetic stage presence. She has had concert appearances in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, the USA.

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"Jazzex" is a synonym of high professionalism, huge experience in various music genres, an example of creative collaboration, inspired by six artistic individualities.

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Judy Lewis began her career as a jazz musician some 10 years ago – a difficult time in her personal life. Judy was looking after her four children on her own, working a 40-hour week and doing all she could to promote her own music.

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Ethno jazz band Kaffe Ball was formed in 2008 by the piano player Zoran Mamutovi?. Their first performances under the name “Sound Of South” were at Ni?ville Jazz Festival in 2008 and other festivals in Ni?.

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