Since the age of 19, pianist Axel Zwingenberger has been travelling the world as a genuine ambassador of Boogie Woogie. Born in 1955 in Hamburg, Germany

Nike Schuhe

he has played in some 50 countries in Asia, Africa, America and across Europe. He is currently the best Boogie Woogie pianist in the world.

Boogie Woogie is a very deep and expressive piano style. It is rooted in Afro-American music from
the late 19-th, early 20-th century. Boogie Woogie has a big influence on pop music even today and this is mainly due to a number of incredible pianists among whom Axel Zwingenberger has a leading role. Zwingenberger has his own characteristic performing manner. He prefers playing without amplifiers, which enables him to demonstrate his amazing skills.

His successful career is due to several very important collaborations with well-known jazz and blues musicians. In the early 1980s, the great Lione Hampton invited him to join him in a concert tour of Europe, as well as in recordings for American companies. Axel has released 29 CDs. They include recordings with greats such as Big Joe Turner, Jay McShann, Champion Jack Dupree and Sippie Wallace, to name but a few. He has eight solo albums.

British music critics hail Axel as the Boogie Woogie master of the world. A title he has won with his creativity and innovation as a composer, as well as with his unmatched interpretations, breathing new life into the authentic American boogie woogie an blues styles.

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