The BALKAN HORSES Band was created as an experiment by Krassi Zhelyazkov who in 2000 decided to gather emblematic composers and musicians from seven Balkan countries and to join their skills in a unique formation.

Initially the band was formed by Stoyan Yankoulov, Theodosii Spassov and Krassimir Zhelyazkov from Bulgaria, Tamara Obrovac from Croatia, Kostas Theodorou from Greece, Vlatko Stefanovski from Macedonia, Emil Bucur from Romania, Sanja Ilic from Serbia and Hakan Beser from Turkey.
In ten years many Balkan and world artists have taken part in the band, including Ramesh Shotham from India and Marko Ramljak from Croatia, and BALKAN HORSES brought the magic of their music and traditions to dozens of stages worldwide. The tickets for their shows have always been sold out and their concerts have drawn over 60,000 people. The apt fusion of traditional instruments with the musical interests of people today is a thrilling experience for any music fan.
BALKAN HORSES will take you on an exciting trip to the ethno and world horizon with a show full of virtuoso unisons, exotic melodies and dynamic rhythms accompanied by the animated multimedia exhibition of paintings by Nikolai Ivanov.
In 2011 the project remains equally open, and the core of the band is constantly provoking audiences with new collaborations and unexpected musical experiments.

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